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Dear Love Songtext

Dear Love
Everybody tells about you, everybody tells how beautiful you're.Everybody hopes that they meet you.But I wonder if you're really there?Or you're only a wonderful Dream?What are you?Are you really the most wonderful at all ?When I'll meet you?How do I notice you?What do you look like?Or you're only a wonderful Dream?

Dear Love!
Are you really there, or has one only invented you?
What are you?Do I really need you to live ?
Can you tell me something about you?
Everybody tells how wonderful you're, is this true?
So, Dear Love, when I'll meet you?
Am I still too young?
Oh, I don't know what I shall think.
Dear Love tell me who you really are?

Everybody is happy, if they feels you.Everybody is relieved, if you're replied. But what are you?
Doesn't my life really have any meaning, if I don't meet you?So,tell me, when I'll meet you?I remember that my parents always have warned me of the love but I don't understand why they have done this?Are you terrible? Are you dangerous?When I meet you, shall I ran away? Or you don't let me off?But how do I recognize you?Do you look differently like the others?Or are you only a wonderful rumor?Or are you this that I demand secretly?This new feeling which has dived in me open?

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Alina Bach - Dear Love
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