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Heart of the Storm Songtext
von Alaska

Silently marching our quest for revenge
Lost in the forgotten tragedy
Scars of the past still alive in our veins
Onwards we fight to our destiny
Trample their forces we now overrun
Sign of the power inside of us
Cities in ruins and lives are destroyed
Stand at the edge of the universe
Suffering fills the open sky
Battering down the pain inside
Memories hide the moonlight sky till the end of our days
Conquering lands and fallen heroes
Sanity torn we ride on fearless
Victory sounds a thousand miles away
Into this world in wonder from a starlight sky
For a lifetime of freedom and the legend is born
Once more unbroken, the price we will pay
On this march into fire, the heart of the storm
Endless destruction consuming our land
Legions of darkness destroy mankind
Storming the wasteland we now overcome
Vanquising evil insane we find
Rise of the slain, breaking the chains
Fight through the whirlwind of doom
Live for the day, conquer the pain
Under the light of the moon
Outside the endless rain
Crushed by the burning pain
This life goes on forever after
Across the universe, on through the twilight sky
And still we feel the fire go on and on
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Album Heart of the Storm (1984)

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Alaska - Heart of the Storm
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