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Piece Of Shit Car Songtext

Here we go
No no no (whoo ooh)
Piece of shit car,
I gotta piece of shit car

That fucking pile of shit
Never gets me very far.

My cars a big piece of shit
Cause the shocks are fucking shot,
And my seatbelts fuckin broken,
I got to tie em in a knot. (its a piece of shit)

I cant see through the windshield
Cause its got a big fucking crack,
And the interrior smells real bad
Cause my friend puked in the back. (its a piece of shit)

(piece of shit car) piece of shit car
(hes gotta piece of shit car)
It sucks royal dick (that fuckin pile of shit, never gets him very far)
Oh fuck you car.

Its got no CD player,
Its only got the 8-track.
Whoever designed my car
Can lick my sweaty nut sack. (they can bite his ass too)

And I got no fucking brakes,
Im always way out of control,
11 times a day I hear "hey watch it asshole" (you fucking piece of shit).

(piece of shit car)
I've got a piece of shit car (hes got a piece of shit car).
Diesel gas sucks my ass! (that fucking pile of shit)
That pile of metal shit (never gets him very far.)

Oh what the fuck did I do,
What the fuck did I do,
What the fuck did I do,
To get stuck with you?

You're too loud for drive-thru
And you smell like the shoe,
But im too broke to buy something new.
Ah fuck me.

The engine likes to flood,
The car always fucking stalls,
And the seat cushions got a big rip
So a spring always pokes the balls. (ouch ouch ouch)

Plus the doorlocks are busted,
I got to use a fucking coat hanger. (what a pain in his ass)
And if a girlie sees my car,
Theres no chance i'll ever bang her. (he'll never ever get the pussy)
Hey shut up!

(piece of shit car)
You piece of shit car. (hes gotta piece of shit car)
You piece of shit car (piece of shit car)

No fucking tires (hes got a piece of shit car)
No rearview fucking mirror (piece of shit car)
73 colors (hes got apiece of shit car)
Fucking rag for a gas cap (piece of shit car)
Tailpipe making sparks fly everywhere (piece of shit car)
Whoaaaa the whole town thinks im a loser (piece of shit car)
Give me a push!
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Adam Sandler - Piece Of Shit Car
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