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Gangsta Songtext
von A-Wax

I'm gangsta
No thanks to you
Watch me and learn what a gangsta do
Listen close to what a gangsta say
I count money in a gangsta way
Understand how a gangsta think
Not the same this a gangsta mink
When he talk slick bag the punk
I can't pass it this a gangsta blunt
Take money never thank the ho
My record label is a gangsta code
I got a future now thanks to rap
Never spit game just gangsta mack
Find me where the gangsta's be
Find my money where the bank would be
Put the mic and the stage aside
When I'm gone it said "Gangsta died"
10 shots only grazed my ribs
Write a book on how a gangsta lives
Nice body but the face forget it
She only out to have a gangsta to hit it, ugh

It always matter how a gangsta look
So I hit 'em wit a gangsta hook
Turn it up make the place go wild
You can't deny me or my gangsta style
Ripe rowdy wit the face imported
Never step on a gangsta's Jordan's
Gangsta is what a gangsta was
Let a G do what a gangsta does

I'm gangsta
No if's, and's, or but's
When it's time to come out putt he camera up
Show 'em all how a gangsta ride
Have 'em lookin for a place to hide
You ain't lookin' for a gangsta when
You just lookin' for a place to spend
Snap out of it, face the real
How you gonna tell a gangsta "chill"
I'm gangsta
Tattoo's and corn rolls
Got enough songs out
Shouldn't have to worn those
Super suckas for a long time
I'm gangsta like Game
Like Mitchy I'm the wrong kind
Money came man paper have it
Don't be flaggin' down my gangsta caddy
You and yours get the taste of 10 milla
When I pull out my gangsta chinchilla, ugh


I'm gangsta
Black chucks, red laces
Bad luck but I duck fed cases
Who don't wanna help a gangsta ball?
Line 'em up and tell 'em face the wall
I'm gangsta
Like Al Capone
On my way to call the palace home
Said I couldn't do it
But your friend was wrong
This is how a gangsta would end this song
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A-Wax - Gangsta
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