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Before You Go Songtext
von A-Wax

Now would you want me if I was your fan?
Would you wanna be wit me if I was your man?
Would you wanna be wit me if I was Bobby B.?
Would you put your daisy dukes on my Ducati seat?
If my [that's right]
If my stats wasn't climbin' [ya feel me?]
Say my raps wasn't rhymin'
And I'm not wearin' diamonds when we first meet
Do what ever take place
Do we first meet where we first met? [do it happen?]
I don't see you in your Louie purse yet
What kind of woman give her number to a man wit a due rag on?
I'm trynna see what's underneath of what you got on
You still wit it?

[Chorus] - 2X
Before you go can I talk to you?
Maybe light a back wood, walk wit you?
I mean talk about a misconception girl
Gold digging' off in this direction
Is you out of your mind?

She only out to burden me up [I know what time it is]
I'm in a rubile Porsche wit the burgundy guts
And yet her mink matchin' [yeah]
Think pass it if you want to proceed
Let me know just what you want from me [what do you want anyway?]
Get it out of me
Will I buy you a Lexus? [huh?]
Will you earn it will you drive it through Texas?
I suppose I could buy that ring [I guess]
I mean you did agree to fly that thing
Before you leave I gotta talk to you
Run it all down, wanna walk you through
You know it'd mean a lot to me
I knew you'd understand
Game is no surprise when you said you knew the plan

[Chorus] - 2X

Before I go I wanna clear this up [get it straight]
I never really meant to try to give this up
And if you truly wanna take a chance on me
Empty the purse and pull the money out your pants for me
But before you do I wanna let you know
You ever go against the grain I'm gonna let you go
What the deal you down to ride wit me?
Or will I see you in my rearview, waive goodbye to me?

[Chorus] - 2X
Lenny Kravitz: Kollaboration mit Musik-Ikonen reicht als Bestätigung
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Lenny Kravitz: Kollaboration mit Musik-Ikonen reicht als Bestätigung
A-Wax - Before You Go
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