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88 Fingers Louie - Something I Don't Know Songtext

I used to think that I could take on
The whole world
I didn't need my friends
For what I could do on my own
And then you came along
And showed me I was wrong
My world turned upside down
Ever since we were alone
You're always there
To tell me that I'm crazy
First to admit that I'm fucking rcazy
Tell me somtehing I don't know
I get the feeling that you don't think so
Tell me something
I don't know you know
I start believing all the stupid words You say
I turn to liquor to make all my problems go away
You try to tell me that I'm making a mistake
I never listen to you, I justhope you stay away
I love it when you say
I'm good for nothing
You always think
That I'm up to somthing


Album Behind Bars (1995)

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