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Had My Chance Lyrics

I have my chance
What in the hell am I waiting for
I offer my apology
For the millinoth time
I try in vain
To try to get you to just open up
You never have an answer
And I never question why
I stare outside your window
Waiting for it to begin
As you turn I'll keep my head low
Why can't you let me in?
I'm in your head
Too bad, I know that's not what I said
You twist my words
'Til they seem good enough for you
You say I hurt your feelings
And one thing is a fact
You think I'm disgusting,
But I know you want me back


I'm out of your life
But my picture remains
I never found the right things to say
Tell me who on earth
Are you fooling today
I've had all I can take
I'm leaving anyway
Somebody stop me
I had my chance
Why in the hell did I wat so long
I offered my apology
It's shoved back in my face
I tried in vain to tell you
Why did I wait so fucking long
Is pent all this time wondering
What I had done wrong
Im Trend
Udo Walz: Darum sitzt er im Rollstuhl
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Udo Walz: Darum sitzt er im Rollstuhl
Oliver Pocher: Becker-Pokal ist mieses Geschäft
Vor 4 Stunden
Oliver Pocher: Becker-Pokal ist mieses Geschäft

Album Behind Bars (1995)

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