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Revoke Songtext
von 5NY

I've been dreamin' bout sleep
Cause it's an every day routine
Pullin 9 to 9 to 9 cause I gotta bring it
Up to the hit that I've been aimin on
Fortune and flame
Too many obstacles runnin through my brain
But so it goes, or so they say,
To another day and night
Tryin to write for these cats who wanna bite
But then they play
The money talk, never make the walk
Shoulder to shoulder, station to station
Bringing me down,
Bringnig me back to the lick
Why won't they listen to my shit ?

You bring me up to let me down
But clearly I have finally found that
What you get is ehat you see
My mistake, My dependency
Now, I'm out the door,
Got nothing to lose now
But that statement fades away
My mind, myself, my independence
Not tomorrow for today

Cause it's the way that it goes
And it's what nobody knows
Workin for livin, livin for life
So either step on or step off,
But do what you gotta do
Xause I'm the one , bring it around,
Thrown it back at you

Pray how you wanna
Live, whatcha wanna smoke
Revoke, you see
Just not on my time

Live how you wanna
Give, watcha wanna take
Relate, you'll find
It's harder to rewind
When it's you who's left
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5NY - Revoke
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