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Coming Back Songtext
von 5NY

I've been kickin' fallen stones all around me
I've been keepin' my back to the wind
It's been rainin' day and night, seems like forty
But no one is there
Nad I can't get in

I've been keepin' my eyes on the highway
'Cause getting lost is easy, so easy to do
False lights always shine,
They're shining so brightly
I know you can feel me
Coming back to you

It's a never never ending story
A never ending story
I'm always coming back

I'll never know what keeps me going
Whatever keeps me going
I'm always coming back

I've been waiting to long
Sung my summer/winter song
Heaven is on down the line
Where the clouds free the sky
Into a thousand different lives
And I couldbe, could be like anyone

This may be a crooked line I am walking
These dreams have begun, have only begun
As the night follows day,
I'll see what's to come
And I could be, could be like anyone
Leigh-Anne veröffentlicht ihre neue Single 'Nature'
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Leigh-Anne veröffentlicht ihre neue Single 'Nature'
Céline Dion: Große Vorfreude auf ihr Bühnen-Comeback
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Céline Dion: Große Vorfreude auf ihr Bühnen-Comeback

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5NY - Coming Back
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