Step into the Sideshow Lyrics


40 Below Summer - Step into the Sideshow Songtext

Come step up to the plate
And please allow me to demonstrate
As you step into the rear of the sideshow bus -
Strap it on cuz it's time to get a head rush
Twist the cap and tap the bottle
That's my motto
Here it comes full throttle
Straight up at ya from 40 Below
Freezing you're bleeding as you feel the wind blows

Can not stop this,
You can not break this
You can not crush this
Get your ass out the way (repeat 3x)

I see ya shaking cuz the time's up
Wreck that ass with my starting lineup
Bolos, body blows, hooks and haymakers -
Reanimate, suffocate, ya breath taker
Kick down your doors excuse the intrusion,
Swift and clean over the execution
Quick get shot, you rocked, it'll bend you over
This is the sideshow, bitch, I thought I told ya

Can not stop this - you can not take this -
You can not crush this - get your ass out the way (repeat 3x)

You can't escape the disease of the freeze of the sideshow release
Come and bring you to your knees
This is the last straw, I can't control, I explode,
Now I got you in a choke hold
You can't try to get off, you'll get lost, you'll get tossed,
When I'm up in ya face full force
You can't try to get past - you won't last, it's your ass when I rip you in half

I know I ignite like a pyro, burn inside so step into the sideshow
I know gonna go psycho, might go
Step into the sideshow
I know I ignite like a pyro make 'em burn when they step into the sideshow
Gonna cut em in half really tight so kickin' your ass when ya step into the sideshow
Don't get me hot - you'll catch a right cold, check the eyes, bro
Step into the sideshow
Punk suck gonna front on the ride motherfucker
Step into the sideshow
I'm bringin all the pain straight out

Go - Go - Go
Step into the sideshow
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