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Trip Lee Interlude Lyrics


116 Clique - Trip Lee Interlude Songtext

Jesus Christ, the Way, Truth, and the Life
He's the real MC, I'm just the one He's using to write
Without Christ it was gruesome
I was used to the strife
Was ruthless what I was doing
Was bound to ruin my life
Now my connection with Him's deeper
Than the music I write
I gotta talk to Him, walk with Him
Move with the Christ
Was in darkness, but now my heart's good
I moved in the Light
I'm His Word's way of transportation
Like a scooter, a bike, yuh!
Relay this message to the youth on the mic
I sew good, so what i reap is good fruit that it's ripe
I'm a living witness to the fact that obedience works
I always represent Him
Not just when I be in the church
And I ain't frettin on the mic
I really be in the Word
So if somebody wanna hurt me
They gotta deal with Him first
He's on me like a shirt
And fo sho I'm His kid
Reject Christ, you did wrong
Like notorious big
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