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116 Clique - Come Alive Songtext

Goin' in like my first name is holiday
Looking to lose, I already gave it all away
To the Father, you see that money got a mean fade away
Leave you with Pennies and a Hardaway
My motto stay, on that imago dei
Me and my God finna ride on some all the way
The power of the gospel, many will die today
Then come alive, putting faith in the God who reigns

Falling, lifeless, livin' dead, no Michael Myers
Dead end, dead end, dead wrong liar liar
Life lookin' bad so I took my vision higher
Focus off of me when he came and crossed my wires
Cleared off, come alive, no more asking who am I
My identity, infinity, which means I won't expire
Truth got me goin' wild, if you out there in the crowd
And you feel this in your soul, then that mean you gettin' loud, get it?

Minor, I'm where they merk you for a couple grand
Look at the surface, the walking dead, the zombie land
That's why some people say they'll never trust the church again
‘Cause these preachers ridin' clean and they don't even care
What if our heart stop? Then I guess this the defibullator
And the only thing we preach, the blood of Christ, he's the one that made us
And I ain't got no hidden agenda when I rap boy, so hi hater
Come alive now, you ain't gon' have time later

Man you ever seen a dead man walking?
Every place he lays his head is a coffin
Deaf to the truth, blind to the light
He think he livin', he ain't ever seen life
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
And come alive (you don't hear me?)
Come alive (you don't hear me?)
Come alive (you don't hear me?)
Come alive (you don't hear me?)
Wake up

Yeah! Nothing safe ‘round here
My faith is touching everything (everything?) Yeah
I was bought with a price, so my life ain't my own
If you walk with the Christ, it's more than just Sunday morning
It's how I live on the Rock, how you talk to your wife
It's how I live when I'm home when I cut off the lights
How I'm spending my dough, that's when my heart is exposed
Am I generous with it, or do I never let go?

Man these boys is young, wild, and reckless, scheming on the neck-a-lace
Teachers tell them they'll never be nothing but a detriment
While you looking past them, they headed for the casket
I'm trying to show ‘em love, why you mad about my tracklist?
You white washed tombs, yeah I hear you quoting Spurgeon
If you ain't out here loving them, then what's the point of learning?
Them widows and them orphans, girls having abortions
You prob'ly can't see ‘em, you're too high up on your horses

You claim to live it up, you're living for the moment
But you're dead boy, I smell you decomposing
And we was dead too, so we don't wanna leave ya homie
‘Cause them reapers placed to keep, your eyes ain't even open
I got some news for ya, the best you've ever heard
The Son died, then came back alive on the third
And He can resurrect you, all you gotta do is say the word
And you can take my word for it, he raised me out that dirt
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