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No Fate Songtext
von Zyon

Live in a perfect life and all of that
Wait a minute, cut the crap
You think it's easy to live a life like this
Never assume that you should never miss
So let me take a leap from here
To bury and be creator, and become like a musketeer
It's all about what you do with yourself
It's not a tale, would you not want to tell (? 0
It's about the future
Learn to bless who'll suit you (?)
What you do is now or never
So I think that's maybe clever
Welcome overseas with the Master B
So listen to the words, please
I always have to fight
And this is what I hate
Create your own life
There is no fate

There's no fate
No fate

I'm a boy, and I'm born in Germany
To make that clear, I'm a part of history
Actually, I've stolen from Africa
Black American, and I'll laugh at you
Those who teach or tell the fact
Where we're coming from or why we are black
American, Indian, German, and French in me
Tell me the facts or my rosagie (?)
It ain't where you're from
It's where you're at
Peace to the master, akume (?) and all that
I've always had to find my goal
God bless the inner soul
Like a spokesman, be all I can be
Do not join the army, face reality
What's there to fight
This is what I hate
There's no fate

There's no fate
No fate
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Album Zyon (1992)

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Zyon - No Fate
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