At the Barbers Lyrics


Zita Swoon - At the Barbers Songtext

Zita Swoon
At The Barbers

Hello man and wife
I'm your supercharger
You mister,
You had a narrow squiek for it
But I got here some charm in a sqeeze bottle
Now you proof this groove
You make her proud,
You make her dance
No pruins and prims
I'm your supercharger
I'm your supercharger with rapt attention

Hey you Prowler
Hey you Jackanapes

Lives a little wish in me
Deep in my fantasy
Hide it in the light below
Waste it 'till it starts to glow

There's a flame that burns in me
Evil and through nightly skeems
Yonder lies my secret wish
Starts of with a little kiss

Oh God
Come again
You She-ass, You Jackanapes
Im Trend
Til Schweiger in tiefer Trauer um Lunas Ex-Freund
Vor 1 Tag
Til Schweiger in tiefer Trauer um Lunas Ex-Freund
James Bay: Seine Freundin ist schuld
Vor 1 Stunde
James Bay: Seine Freundin ist schuld

Album Music Inspired by Sunrise, a Film by F.W. Murnau (1997)

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