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Who Pulls The Strings Songtext
von Zion

Little white lines will take your life
You smoke some stuff and try to ease your mind
Drown in booze your gonna lose
The stakes rae your life when you try to pay those dues
You've got him breathing down your neck
And soon you'll see your just a marionette
Who pulls the strings
Who makes you do those things
Who pulls the strings
Who makes you do those things
You think your free but these chains you cannot see
They're wrapped tight on you and they never let you be
Sins desire will take you down to the fire
But God's the only one who can stop the twisted liar
Fragen über Zion
Was bedeutet Zion in der Bibel?
Was versteht man unter Tochter Zion?
Woher kommt der Name Zion?

Album Thunder From the Mountain (1989)

  1. 1.
    Who Pulls the String
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    Kick in the Gates
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    Is It a Crime
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    Help Me
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    Sold You a Lie
  7. 7.
    Roll the Rock
  8. 8.
    Less of Me
  9. 9.
    He Loves You
Zion - Who Pulls The Strings
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