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Throw It on the Fire Songtext

When we were down on the other side,
It felt just like a dream,
Lost our minds for a little while,
Got caught up in a scene,

And when I lie down,
My eyes are open wide,
I feel out of bounds,
And when I tried I couldn't sleep at night,

Summertime where the moon won't climb,
And the sun's up all night long,
Like another planet with another sky,
In another life we hum,
Until we fly down,
Right back to our homes,
Its ringin' in your mind,
We can hear the sound and we can feel the glow,

Take your past and throw it on the fire,
Take your past and throw it on the fire,
Did everything turn out like you thought it would be,
Take your past and throw it on the fire,

And another year, unfolds,
Can a light be seen, who knows,
And we wish the time, would slow,
Who knows, who knows,
Fragen über Zeus
Was für ein Gott ist Zeus?
Wer tötete Zeus?
Wer sind die Kinder von Zeus?
Wo lebt Zeus?

Album Classic Zeus (2014)

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Zeus - Throw It on the Fire
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