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Problem melden

No Man's Land Songtext

No man alive this planet can illuminate your path
No guide that came before can show the way beyond the pass
No footprints on the trail for you to follow in the tracks
For you to make it there you have to leave without the map
And no amount of pleading can release you from the trap
There's no degree of toil that can serve to bridge the gap
You can trek across the plains without much weight upon your back
But if you're tortured in your mind, you will crumble from the facts
So flee the shelter for the storm before the caves collapse
I've stood among them like a ghost they fail to recognize
Amidst the cattle and the wolves that roam the countryside
Stood between the trenches where the sound of battle cried
Where reason went to die along the ground where Hell and Earth collide
And now I stand where fortune shifts and channels open wide
Where essence flows within these rivers under open sky
I'm in that place where few have been though many tried
So if you stand for something, stand for something more than simply standing by
This that gem to find
This that certain kind
This the truth that hides
This is that great divide
Break out from that tomb
That empty room I've been inside
No method, no plans
No direction to advance
Just step across that line that's in the sand
This is the land of no man
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Zack Hemsey - No Man's Land
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