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Lord Have Mercy Songtext

(Young Lay)
Lord have mercy young I didn't want to spill him
I only wanted his loot but I had to shoot'em
As soon as he stopped I turned around and locked the door
He reached for his gat to get the pouring like bleach
When I split splat
And no misses jack I'm down on this sailor
Cudees in the lowest cuz hit'em with one and now they was
They tried to milk me so quick to spill a slug
Cudees seen the spray and remain and say lay you six as fuck
You know what's up
And yea you know the deal there go them niggas that tried to fandangle this
And let's untangle this six set loc'est style black n dangerous
They never knew about my crew and how we came to this
Slapping niggas over the head with a gang of shit
To gain respect got a tec hollering it's the set
I constantly sweat where they might be coming fast
Cudees some money a fifth of Remi and some funny zags
Left fast cuz it was shiesty counted the cash
Dropped the bitches by the spot g
Paper ain't nuthin to have you stanking up on your belly
Flying high as a kite I catch you necking nigga
That is what your life is.

Lord have mercy

(Young Lay)
Hilling remains dealing phat living off the caine

Even got your gat whole crew stacks pack a mack
Cold a keys and just what happened
Young joeski and now he sewing up his whole street
Lounge with me and get you spot six set mack
Tell you on the strip with gat and don't want to get jack
It's in his arms I'm not calm
The rollers our on our dick punk bitches know we got it going on
It's in my hood I got love I told my homie run
Because the rollers might be coming bounce
And even though they saw you bounce
And even though your going down toss that g that caught an ounce
Ruffed and cuffed him and now their going to rush me

Lord have mercy

(Young Lay)
Hoot'em till he cries take his loot and ride
Who will be doing this shit in the mind of a lunatic
I came a cross a lot of homies that were nice guys
And some of these nice guys are jacking in good disguise
And heck a melling g'z often crosses jealousy
And enough off debating they got you hating from the start
Just like that broken heart got homie leading to another fantasy
Like showing them cops like where we lounge at and where we be
Now when they see me they post up and explore the turf g'

Lord have mercy
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Album Black 'n Dangerous (1996)

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