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Whats Poppin (Intro) Lyrics

They ask me what's the difference between me and the rest of these niggas
I ain't shit like the rest of these niggas
Fuck these niggas, I ain't got no sympathy. It's time I flex on these niggas
If you ain't worth a half a mil you can't stand next to me nigga
You damn right, yup I let the streets get the best of me nigga
Got a hundred bands on me and that tec with me nigga
Uh huh, yeah that's why I walk like this
Style on these niggas and I talk like this
Got another coupe and went and blowed another 30 on my wrist
Had 40 racks on me same day I met 2 Chainz
Quarter million dollar nigga before I ever met Gucci Mane
Niggas better go back and listen to that Welcome To Dolph World
Everything I got, bitch I got it on my own
Everybody keep asking what's up with me and Yo Gotti
Fuck all that, let's talk about that new Porsche I'm riding
I'm getting money, they getting money. That's the end of that
Yall know how this Memphis shit be
You doing your own thing then they don't want to see you eat
Damn but you know me, I'm in the streets
Just killed a 50 pack of strong and still killing Squeeky beats
It's about to be a hot summer, a lot of money, no sleep
Real niggas what's poppin, bad bitches what's poppin
Put your hand down, you ain't bad bitch stop it
Hustlers what's poppin, gangsters what's poppin
Keep one in the chamber, nah I ain't gotta cock it
Daddyo what's poppin, you know how we rockin
You know we love the streets my nigga but we gotta stop it
Yo mama sick and she need you out here dog
So I'll be damned if I let these streets take you out here dog
Hell nah, you like my big brother
Your mama like my mama, my mama like your mama
You call my daddy pops, we almost died together
Plus a lot of shit I can't talk about, American Gangster nigga
They thought I was playing when I told them we was trapping out the mansion nigga
Stupid crib in Woodland Hills, I did that a long time ago
Real niggas, what's poppin
Bad bitches, what's poppin
Paper Route, what's poppin
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