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Young Dolph - Money Power Respect Songtext

It's Dolph
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Money, Power, Respect ugh
Money, Power, Respect yeah
Rolling up some killers, pouring up some raw
Who is that just passed by in that drop top
Oh that's dolph!
When I was nine my cousin showed me a whole brick of salt
15 I started running in and out my mama house
I seen a lot of shit I never was suppose to see
On top of the world right now is where I suppose to be
Worldwide trap ni**a, you just locally (what)
If she ain't got a fat ass she can't get close to me
The hottest ni**a in the game, and I'm the CEO(it's dolph)
These lame ass rappers remind me of CB4(ahaa)
I fuck with you but don't trust you
Diamonds dancing like usher
My ni**as straight out the gutter autillary came from russia
Money, Power, Respect
They aint got to like me, but I guarantee they gone have to respect me
My bitch said I know you're busy but don't neglect me
New retro Jordan's I'm rocking come out till next week
Hop up in that porche and act like it was stolen(scuuuur)
Knocking bitches down in random call it bowling
Police patrolling, choppers with drums we holding (blahhh)
My weed so potent, I forgot I had opponents
Yo ni**a hungry, I got it but still act like I'm starving
Got on a lot of gold chains it could throw back Charles Barkley
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