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Problem melden

How Could Songtext

How could a bitch so bad pussy be so good? (So good)
How could a million dollar nigga be so hood? (It's dolph)
All that ass she got that's why she walk like that, yeah
All this cash I got that's why I talk like that!
Balmain and margielas what I'm rocking, (Aye aye!)

200 in my skinnies you know how I'm rocking (Racks!)
She signed for it and called and told me that she got em
That's my trap bitch she just want some red bottoms
Max Giesinger: Pikante Sex-Beichte
Vor 13 Stunden
Max Giesinger: Pikante Sex-Beichte
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Laura und der Wendler sind bei OnlyFans

Album King of Memphis (2016)

Young Dolph
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    How Could
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    Real Life
Young Dolph - How Could
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