Work It Lyrics


Ylvis - Work It Songtext

Let me see them asses on the floor
This one coming at you B-style, Brovis
East Coast party style, bitches goin' crazy
Booty shakin' – never ceases to amaze me
Girl, I wanna get you into my bed
But we ain't gonna sleep, we make love instead
Your vagina is a self-cleansing muscular tract
With over 50 000 nerve cells ready to act
In fact, 6.5 inches side to side
And with a pH-value of 4.5
When you become aroused, blood flow increases
To the vagina, labia and clitoris
The inner walls of the vulva expanding
As well as increasing vaginal lubrication
Let me see you work it, come on let me work it
I wanna see you work it, come on!
(You gotta work it)
He means you gonna have sex
(You gotta work it)
He's not literally talking ‘bout working, oh baby
(You gotta work it)
You gotta work that body right
(You gotta work it)
Again he's talking ‘bout sex
(You gotta work it)
We're not talking ‘bout a traditional employment situation
(You gotta work it)
You gotta work that body right
Back in my crib, sippin' on the bubbles
Chillin' in my pool doin' time with my models
Bitches in the tub in oil and lube
It's the D-51 with aluminum tubes
We got five main nozzles in the front and the back
Driven by a motherfucking po-po-power-pump-pack
Got the non-slip surface and the stainless construction
And the FX2-faucet for maximum suction
But what about bacteria?
How do I keep them from growing?
That's what I'm talking about, baby
‘Cause I've been worried ‘bout the combination
Of water and aluminum and very high temperatures
But I guess I have to trust them, the Jacuzzi factory
They're professionals, goddammit!
They should know how to do it!
Let me hear you blow!!
(You gotta blow it)
He's not referring to the sucking of the cock
(You gotta blow it)
Not a metaphor this time baby
(You gotta blow it)
We're talking about actually blowing bubbles into water
(You gotta pump it)
Now he is talking about the pump
(You gotta squeeze it)
He's referring to the valve that controls intensity
(You gotta stroke it)
Now I don't know what he's talking about
You gotta stroke it tonight
You gotta work it
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