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They say life is a gift
And freedom is a privilege
If you abuse any of 'em
Your journey can be very complicated young nigga
Talk to 'em

Uh, what you heard nigga?
Nah, fuck what you heard
I keep two lil' goonies on the lurk
My bitch gotta cool lil' twenty in her purse, yeah
See we was known to air it out first
Told bop, wait let me air 'em out first
They talkin' bout drugs they ain't never had work
Lu preach to 'em, real nigga, church, yeah

See I was on the way, started from the bottom now I'm straight
'Bout to cop an Audemars Piguet
Yesterday I flew to Saint Tropez
Met a plug yesterday, you know the whole crew ate
Everywhere we go we eat steak
I got my brother with me each and everyday
Most of with me probably tryna beat a case
And if you don't the other one with licensed with the K, yeah

Know we ridin' K everyday
Ran up the money had to put it in the safe
I swear its hard to chose Mulsanne or the Wraith
4-4-2 you don't wanna race
I don't know why she act different
But when a nigga gone she goin' miss me
All them motherfuckin' shoes, all that Tiffany
All them tattoos all them piercings

Momma be stressin' be patient, it's comin'
Told you your boy was gone make it, you know it
We go war with whoever, whoever
I stack that money forever, forever
We put that money together got extra
Pour out the pint man we never gone measure
Whole lot of types I ain't never gone settle
I ain't never gone settle

You know
Like I use to risk my life for this shit
You know
You know we really got stripes for this shit
You know

This is no facade, I don't want no bodyguard
I need me a Nicki Minaj, I need me like two freaky broads
I'm on broadway, fucked up how they did Mitch in the hallway
I'm fucked up gotta get rich in this hallway
I swear I really got rich in the hallway

My mother lost her sister, her mother lost her daughter, yeah
Then my mother lost her mother, then my grandma lost her mother
Then I fucked around and lost my cousin
Never thought I never see muffin
Never thought Fellow spot will get busted
Shit fucked a whole bunch of money

Lord save me, save me
Power like a mason, mason
Dreams come true gotta chase it, chase it
If you love something embrace it
The bond we share can't break it
I'ma give you my heart don't break it
Me and you girl that's amazing
If you ever leave I'll be waitin'

Come back to me girl, I wanna take you and show you off girl
I wanna take you and travel the world
I wanna dip you in diamonds and pearls, yeah
Hope I make some, gotta make some
The way we was raised up we might take some
You know a nigga love gettin' paper
This a real nigga celebration

Yeah, yeah
See we unstoppable
You know
We done been through so much, nigga, you can't stop us
You know
Yeah, yeah

True story, this is my story
Long live Nut forever
Yeah, yeah
This is my story
True story, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Hope we make some, gotta make some
The way we raised up might take some
This a real nigga celebration
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