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Yaki-Da - Just a Dream Songtext

I'm just a dream

Ref: Fade away now. Fade away

I'm just a dream go back to where you came from
When there's a problem you go there
Up to the highlands doing what you don't dare
So fade away and leave me here

Ref: Fade away now. Fade away now
I'm just a dream
Oh, oh..
I'm just a dream

Would you believe in changing places
I could be for just one day
So I'll see. How does the world turn out from you side
It is hard living in between

Ref: Fade away now. Fade away now
I'm just a dream

Are you a knight hunting for treasures
Take me along I'll be your queen
Let me see. Who is the person on my sofa
Are you yellow or brave today

Life is a beatiful thing. I know that
But you don't know what I'm going through, no.
You never question the things you don't see
Cause your living in a dreamworld of your own

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