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Entry III: Wyvern Songtext

Leveled land is left withering away in the distance...
The calamity of a rampant beast, now a stigma on the face of this alien world.
It is behind me--ahead, an expanse of mountains and a quickly coagulating fog.
Howling amongst skyscrapers of elements...
Visibility diminishing, the temperature plummets.
Discordant in contrast to the barren wasteland before, the path to this mountain's summit is a cold one...
Thus I advance into the dense cloud, within the abyss between the mountain's peaks...
I arrive at a cave, from whence a putrid stench creeps.
Rancorous eyes peer from within.
Snarling, it advances into the light.
With a plume of fire from its mouth, the fog clears--exposing charred rock and accumulated hoards of bones...
From whence, flesh was dissolved by expectorated acid discharge.
Howling between skyscrapers of elements...
The Wyvern lunges forth, wings abroad.
Piercing, its shrill cry.
Stalking incessantly, its enfeebled prey...
All the way to a cavity in this city of rock.

(Its foundation is weak...
The Wyvern struggles to progress as the tunnel narrows.
It becomes caged inside while I escape the narrow passage and continue forth...)
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Xehanort - Entry III: Wyvern
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