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3 Boroughs Lyrics

You cant
You out from brooklen
I cant, forget the hat
You wanna tell a little stopry about where they come from
Thats my name
Total eclipse
Represent the brooklem all knights
Do what i
Thats high
Feel the real rhythme dial comming through
The wisest
The xmen
Calling youself cutting, but you aint cutting nothing
To whom it may concern this goes out to the dodgers
Good dj's
You can bet it in your wildest dreams
Rob swift
Straight from queens
No doubt
Had to represent
From queens
The place to be
Your comming from queens
You wanna battle, you dont wanna battle me
Yellow mal
Back to the galaxy of queens
I am so.
Homicidal harlem
Wait i got the funk
From up town
Break it down you fools
All across the cut
If you dont like it and you wanna step up
Ill burn that ass
This goes out to manhatten
But not how you making it
For real
This goes out to
Listen to a while for the name of the place
This goes out to
Word up
Brooklyn in the back shooting crack now wussap
One other thing
We are... the
New york
Im Trend
Udo Walz: Darum sitzt er im Rollstuhl
Vor 24 Stunden
Udo Walz: Darum sitzt er im Rollstuhl
Yeliz Koc: Sie will bei Jimi einziehen!
Vor 19 Stunden
Yeliz Koc: Sie will bei Jimi einziehen!

Album Built From Scratch (2001)

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    Hip Hop Awards (skit)
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    3 Boroughs
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    Let It Bang
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    X-ecutioners (Theme) Song
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    Feel the Bass
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    You Can't Scratch (skit)
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    It's Goin' Down
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    Premier's X-ecution
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    The X (Y'all Know the Name)
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    Genius of Love 2002
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    Choppin' Niggas Up
  16. 16.
    B-Boy Punk Rock 2001
  17. 17.
    Who Wants to Be a Motherfuckin' Millionaire (skit)
  18. 18.
    Play That Beat
  19. 19.
  20. 20.
    X-ecution of a Bum Rush
  21. 21.
    Play That Beat (Lo Fidelity Allstars remix)
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