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Let Me Hit It Songtext

If it comes in a bottle! Let me hit it let me hit it!
If it comes in a bong! Let me hit it let me hit it!
If it comes in a baggie! Let me hit it let me hit it!
If it comes in a thong! Let me hit it let me hit it!

Lets get this party started right bring in the 40's and the kegs
WOLFPAC came to party hearty R.S.V.P Daddy Legs
Your parents left the house to you, about as tarded as Corkey
So I invited half the phonebook we should soon have company
So tap the bottles, twist the caps and role the green so we can kick it
Wet shirt contest set to start, cause were filming Girls Gone Wicked
Maybe the flyer was a bad idea? DUHHHHHHHH, ya think?
But not as half as bad as when I slipped that acid in your drink
But the damages are done most of which you wont remember
Like the part where Buddha tried to trick your sitter out her sweater
And my last shot spun the room till my legs lost all their feeling
Still another big inhale and Ill be dancing cross the ceiling
But the party must be over and we may have gone too far
Cause were waking up in vomit handcuffed back in a cop car
And when you get home from the tank to find your TV in your yard
(Cause The WOLFPAC came to party and we party hard!)

[Chorus: 2X]

Hong... Kong... Phoey and the Fu Shnickens sure knew how to rock
Go ahead and call me Donny cause I'm the new kid on this block
We fought hard for our right, blowing roofs off the party
This kid ain't playing when I'm sayin it's by nature that I'm naughty
Been H.R. puffing stuff and even huffing Glade!
You know Buddha making a Pitt stop cause everyone gets laid!
I'll keep playing this funky music cause I'm corny horny white boy
Now I'm twitching like a junky and out of this world like Jettson's Elroy
Got it started by getting retarded and you know we ain't gonna quit
Time to switch it up a bit with another sip another hit
Another rip I'm feeling funny from a tailored Robo-Trip
Still got stripper body shots don’t let that SoCo Drip
Rack'em up and get the pong going ya know it's starting to get loud
If you're better when your drunk, ya know you’re my kinda crowd
Kids get your parents to bed cause we don't be hearing what they've said
We tryin' to party up in here tonight and get a little head!

[Chorus: 2X]

If it comes in a bottle, let me hit it let me hit it
If it comes in a bong, let me hit it let me hit it
If it comes in a baggie, let me hit it let me hit it
If it comes in a thong, let me hit it let me hit it

[Chorus: till end]
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Wolfpac - Let Me Hit It
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