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Problem melden

Twilight Dreaming Songtext

Sleep now my love, my sweetheart you are
Hide the pearls of your eyes away from me far
All is so silent as in the grave this now is
Sleep, and each tear be gone by a kiss
Still my love, the golden time this now is
Then, well, the dawn is never like this
And when your worries are there in your head
Then you won't so easy slumber in bed
Sleep now my love and if you hear
Know that your love always be near
If late or early I'll watch you
And hope that you would do that tooNow she's asleep, as a baby she lies
Dreaming of wisdom, horror she cries
I lie here holding on so tight
Caressing, relieving her from all her fright
Twilight dreaming
Sleep now my love, all problems you'll hide
Slumber, into the dreams you'll glide
Pictures appear, unclear though it seems
Now is silence, you've entered the dream
Gil Ofarim: Ich lüge nicht
Vor 3 Stunden
Gil Ofarim: Ich lüge nicht
Patricia Kelly: So geht es ihr
Vor 3 Stunden
Patricia Kelly: So geht es ihr

Album Withered Beauty (1998)

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Withered Beauty - Twilight Dreaming
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