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Shining light Songtext

You gotta believe, what I'm sayin'
You gotta believe me, I'm tellin' no lies
You gotta believe, I'm not playin'
This man has been hurt and his heart's on the line
Now my heart is in dispair
And my life is incomplete
I've got so much love to share
But the one I love ain't near

Can't you hear, can't you hear
Can't you hear me crying
What do you feel, what do you feel, inside

It's burning, burning, deep inside my head
You keep me runnin', keep me goin' on
You're turning, turning my world black to red
You are the fire burning in my soul
I'm yearning, yearning, deep inside my heart
You keep me burning, keep the flame alive
I'm burning, burning, burning for your love
You keep me lovin', you're my shining light
Shining light

You gotta believe, I'm not fakin'
You gotta believe me, I'm telling the truth
You gotta believe, though I'm shakin'
This man has been shot, he's depending on you
Now my world is upside down
And my love is unreturned
All the hope I have to drown now
Guess your light will never burn
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Wicked Sensation - Shining light
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