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Of All the Beasts Songtext

Through this life of mine
Telling wanton lies
Saying senseless words
Laughing at my faults
Can I trust her
Vultures wait my fall
Cawing grief like crows
Useless strife at all

I am just waiting here
On the throne of fear
Right beside your heart
I will be your guard
Of all the beasts
Why did you choose me
To fill my soul
With endless misery

Here I am now
Surrounded by all the desolation
Depleted until perishing
And you should be called hope
A mind that is hazed by hate
Carried by men so faint
But hope cannot be faith
Fed by lies so sly

My tantalizing words
Are pandering your soul
With poison that I give
Your tantalizing words
Again will make me whole
You urge my will to live
A throng of dreaming birds
Will devastate your creed
And render you too weak
These morbid dreamer-birds
Are feeding off my need
The poison that I seek

And in the hottest of hells
Men can still stay alive
Detained only by hope
Around their necks like rope

I'll scar your neck with fangs
And make you sing in tongues
A thousand saddest songs
I'll poison all your will
And make you yearn for hell
You'll never break my spell

And every day I look at the sky
One thought in mind: I wish you would die
The demons cry, they wish I would fry
Can't force me back on this extolled rack
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Whispering Forests - Of All the Beasts
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