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Potential Victims Songtext

Ice Cube, WC and Mack 10
The gangsta, the killa and the dope dealer

Got 'em', look nigga, you fit the scription
This is dedicated to potential victims
Because who's the fiction, ain't no fiction
Too much bitching, get your ass beat into submission

(Ice Cube - Chorus)
To all my white niggaz, to all my light niggaz
To all my dark niggaz, I'm trying to spark niggaz
I want the shark niggaz, Not the mark niggaz
Fuck the bark niggaz, I want your heart niggaz

The hood most sine able, carnage and hymeneal, prat nigga
Prosecuted from making your brain splat nigga
And Crocker sense is the westside nympho
Were proud of you bitches of the back of the window, yeah

(Ice Cube)
From O.J., to MJ and Michael Tyson
They fucked up Saddam like my nigga gangsta mind
You don't have to be a Taliban to fill the per tarn
Don't walk the double-u, victims of the rare black and blue

(Mack 10)
I kicks in the door, waving a automatic
I'm mad as fuck, breathing hard as a asthmatic
Attitudes unpredictable, behaviour is sporatic
Could snap at any time, and right now I ain't had it, bitch

Make no mistake about it, your life has just been threatened (echo)


I clock-ed the camera, fuckin up the camera was working the things
Like holding was drama they try to put dirt on my name
Mo money, mo drama, my nigga fuck the hype, flash the light
I'm Dub-C connected to the afterlife, c'mon

(Ice Cube)
You look hard, act hard, in the backyard
Front yard, lunch card, but the nigga run hard
I run yards, punk guards, nigga so large
If I get caught, nigga no charge

(Mack 10)
Here come a westcoast gangsta in khakis and creases
Plus a pink slip nigga, you punks is leases
My wife bentley got peanut butter guts like Reece's
Blood peeled niggaz is dead like endangered species, fucker

In his age of terror, fear is the killer
One thing remains constant
The Westside motherfucking Connection

You might as well keep it gangsta
They've got us all under surveillance

Bitch you know the side
World motherfucking wide


Too many lost
Too many lost
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Westside Connection - Potential Victims
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