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Bewitched Herds Boys Songtext

Two boys tended cattle in the Triesner upper village
An old woman passed and greeted them but the boys just shouted
You old witch you and threw rocks after her
The woman turned around and yelled down to them
I will get you on your heels
And as if on command all the cows lifted their tails and raced towards the Rhein
The boys were forced to follow as if pulled by invisible ropes
And everything happend so fast that they tumbled many times
Dead tired and with lots of bruises they reached their cattle at the Rhein and wanted to drive them back but of no avail all the hitting was useless
The two fell asleep in the grass
When the bells in the morning played Ave Maria the cows walked back home
The farmer saw them coming and discovered the welts
He searched for the boys finally found them full of cuts and bruises and they told him what happened here...
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Weltenbrand - Bewitched Herds Boys
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