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Watershed - My lucky day Songtext

I got your number on a napkin that you gave me at the bar
Burning a hole in my pocket
Like a winning lotto ticket
Damn. I need an armored car
And firepower to protect it

Yeah I've got to get this right
Just in case I live forever
Or in case I die tonight

Girl you're everything I ever wanted
Not sure how I stumbled on it
It must be my lucky day
And tomorrow and the next day too
Every day I wake up next to you
Is my lucky day

I got drunk dialing fingers but I can't find the phone
I really want to come over
As soon as I get there
Ain't no place to go but home
Maybe I'm better off alone

So I've got to find the words
It's like stealing something from the heavens
Bring it right back down to Earth

If I could hold you in my arms
Oh yeah this is my lucky day
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