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Racism - World History, Part 1 Songtext

Throughout this world
Something's gone wrong
It makes me sick
It's gone on too long
It's everywhere i look
I hear it all day
I've seen the hatred
It's in front of my face
You're a racist - you're a racist
You better wise up soon
You're a racist - you're a racist
It will come back at - you!

I grew up on the streets of N.Y.C.
I've seen the world through the military
The racist feelings that people breed
From young to old it's world history

The youth have changed
And times are better
But we still have far to go
There's people out there

Who will brainwash you
They say your color's better

Be proud of who you are inside
That's what really matters
The racist feelings that you have
The anger you feel toward others
All your friends who follow you
Will soon be 6 feet under

One day you'll look around and see what you have done
Then you'lll be gray and old - your past will be a loaded gun

Now there's still hope
You got to change
You must stop living those racist ways

Not for me
Or what i've said
But before you get judged
And wind up dead!
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Warzone - Racism - World History, Part 1
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