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The Truth Songtext

Yeah I want the sarcasm, with the anger
All that shit mixed in
OK let's do this
The FUCK y'all niggaz want? (I want the truth!)
Y'all niggaz want problems? (I want the truth!)
The FUCK y'all niggaz want? (I want the truth!)
You niggaz want problems? (You can't handle the truth!)
The FUCK y'all niggaz want? (I want the truth!)
Y'all niggaz want problems? (I want the truth!)
(You want answers?) (I want the truth!)
(You can't handle the truth!)
Yo, aiyyo y'all niggaz see the stripes, and ignore my rank
We gon' do this like pirates now, walk the plank
I don't know what niggaz think, there's none above me
Problem Child General, nigga thugs love me
You want me to prove it's real, use this steel
Catch a body, and move to Brazil?
But then how you gon' breathe, when your lungs ain't there?
Comin in your buildin, and my sons is there
With they hands by they waist cause they guns is there
Now y'all see how this shit turn from fun to fear
But y'all don't play fair, so why should I?
Get you hit by the same nigga that got you high
Put two up in your side, and watch you cry
And I know you can't survive but I'ma watch you try
Say goodbye, y'all niggaz ain't bulletproof
You want what? Y'all niggaz can't handle the truth, yo
Chorus: Mysonne (repeat 2X)
The truth is -- it's too late for a truce
The truth is -- y'all niggaz ain't bulletproof
The truth is -- Mysonne is the truth and
(You can't handle the truth!)
Aiyyo the truth is, I'm young pretty and ruthless
And I peel quick and steal shit, cause I'm lootless
So don't confuse realness, with music
Yeah you got a gun but you scared to death to use it
Your hand shakin, you can't take the kickback
So whoever gun you borrow nigga give it back
Cause you lack the heart it takes for gunplay
You ain't ready to have shootouts in the broad day
My niggaz bustin while they drivin down the one-way
Y'all niggaz better pack y'all bags and run away
I mean this fam, I'm makin niggaz dissapear
It ain't a game, and I think I made that crystal clear
(I think so) Shit is official here, so you don't want to start this
Cause you too light, to get caught up, in the darkness
Stabbed up, left hemorraghing, on a park bench
You threaten mines? FUCK YOU, pardon my French
Okay, you been forewarned, so y'all niggaz better recognize
Problem Children, don't forget the weapon ties
I specialize in warfare and rippin tracks
And if it's war, then we ALL in with different gats
Or different bats, just keep spittin this and that
Just keep talkin, yo' ass gon' end up missin black
You not gon' listen til I'm yo' ear with the mac
Or you in the air, your spirit just lookin back
I done it all, from pimpin hoes to cookin crack
Approachin crews dolo, like what y'all lookin at?
I earn respect, that's why I wonder why me?
Thorough to this, so why y'all still wanna try me?
That's alright, y'all niggaz know where to find me
Up in the Bronx somewhere, that's where I be
Prolly with my niggaz shootin lead off the roof
See I told ya, y'all can't handle the truth
Chorus (Mysonne bullshits over it)
* ad libs to outro *
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Bärbel Schäfer: Sie sah lange Zeit kein Tageslicht
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Der Wendler und Laura wurden rausgeschmissen!
Violator - The Truth
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