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Sword of the Witcher Songtext

Blood upon the skyes
'Crying walks across the Land
Dark Spirits yet awakened
I feel that Something moves around
Eons in my veins
Legends conjured in my blood
Insomnia holds my mind
Always ready... Always!

Sword-Its blade
Unholy savior in my hands
That metal touch
Giving hope or death
I touch It gentle
With high respect indeed
I raise the Sword above
All powers in my hands!

I am the Lord and Master of the Sword
See Magic in my eyes
That Force became my endless curse
Witcher is my name
Adrenaline burns me inside
All Spirits from the Past protect the souls which never rest...

Dragon and Wolf
This Night is my domain
My glowin' eyes
You never wish them closer...
Smell of blood
Claws of steel
My metal God is so hungry... Again!
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Vader - Sword of the Witcher
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