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Ursula Rucker - In Her Elizabeth Songtext

Where are the Romantics?
To feed me my pill,

This is not your kill
Bling Bling Vandal
And this suffocating stage
Will soon
Conversion table when
She eats what
She comes to eat!

Jewels in the moth of my speech
Quieting my loud fashion during Passion Week
To find
Supa Sista's
Mingling chopsticks into 2 by 4 homes
Inventing a foundation of vegetarian tongues

Survival beyond man's bones
Survival beyond man's bones
Piercing cheeks
With microphones
Showing devotion towards her profession

For any Hindu in the Ghetto to bless her
Cause its men's night in her Elizabeth

Where Purple Passages land as aprons on my earth
As the wolf whistles and invitations
Lead me to the

Not all the way
Brown Belladonna's in Pagan Ringlets and Baptist
Singers who wear concert t-shirts that read - KISS

Who bring me the Exotic River
Who bring me wings of the female Vikings never discovered
Who bring me a driver who takes my range
Outside the Star of David to avoid potential bombing

Cause my Karma's luxury suite can catch on fire
And when it does
Supa Sista's hum and their cocoa breathes
Into Monk's cloth protection,
As my day's work escapes with no burns

Here Sista's don't dream of becoming actresses
In republics where lover's
Can't touch
Or share colors
Here Sista's don't need to convince
Ultra hippies to buy hallucinations from someone
Their color

It's Men's night in her Elizabeth
And in this Great Dane Observatory
Sisterhood is the marquee
Air commodores above celestial hierarchy

So before the Romantics arrive
To feed me my pill

Please allow my callboy
To bring on my leading man
And escape into the crawl space
Of her Elizabeth
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