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It started long ago, I woke, the sunlight
Through the window reflected 0604
Into my tired and bloodshot eyes, the
Cheap alarm was not apologetic for waking me
Sweat covered my sheets and the stink
Was nauseating and the thought of the
Day ahead knocked hours off my already
Sporadic sleeping arrangements. you didnt
Move. I shook you until you could muster
Speech and left. milkmen, mailmen, men men men
Is all you talk about. I remember last
Nights embarrassment and todays guilt.
Fresh smell of coffee and croissants filled
My mind of english breakfasts and cold bitter
Mornings in rain. I was missing england.
Was england missing me?

One lone tear hit a New York sidewalk whilst
I headed towards the grave. work. I
Hadnt smiled since late last night and
That was not about to change. the
Different languages of trying and failing
Or trying and succeeding made me shudder.
How could you walk away smelling of roses?
I try to justify my actions but all knowledge
Drains away in the polluted air.
I once owned a fucking town and now im
An ant in a field, an ant in a range of
Different grassy areas or just an ant.
My voice transcends into lunacy as the
Days first customer disagrees with the
Price of the object he will buy anyway.
I miss england.
Did england miss me?
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