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[Intro: spection - habit of looking]
Inside the soul - seek the frame of thought
Thought - swift like fish, gotta hook it
It disappears, can't be caught, can't be bought
Combination - number of people
The five believe in style, common purpose
Purpose - not to act like sheep y'all
Lack personality ? - I'm gonna give you a dose
Dose - flows, shows vital, like medicin
Symbolised, subscribed in a rhyme
Rhyme - wordskill which I'm better in
Other men clichelise this time after time
Time - present days of a new race
Not livin' in the past - make music for the future
Future - destiny on stage, on stage
I'll do this right
Will be the continent's booster

Brainstorm ... uds

As I vocalise, I imperialise
Reason ? - plain, I can hang with the globe
Globe - the earth populated by clydes
Who hope, I ain't dope, and I can't cope
'co-operability' of mind, body and hands
Like guitarmen play a riff
Riff - popular action, not only for jazzmen
Done well - a crowd can't stand stiff
Stiff - the right word, check a dictionary
I like to differ and use the term lazy
Lazy - state of a-lotta bands who envy
The way we gain, play the game, they call us crazy
Crazy - ill in the mind, mad on the whole
Scientists say - "it's the emotion that counts'
We like to be ourselves - word up to de la soul
And choose for the ultimate def sound

Brainstorm ... uds

Give the gab a new vocab
I'm aware of your eyes - I treasure like it's a pleasure
Treasure - valuable if your talent lacks
Learn the alphabet in your sparetime leisure
Leisure - period without duty
No obligations, better known as freedom
Though once free to write mc's use
Tools, routine to bite, oh well, I don't need them
Creative flow - by your own soul, is essential
Essential as a grip on a lemon, don't let loose
Squeeze it to make it potential
If it powers other souls - that's what we call juice
Juice - pizzaz, power, strength
Ingredient to make a band smoking
Smoking - play well without special effects
Jacks play for cheques as a token - think I'm joking ?
Joking - something to make you laugh happy
Happy - mood that keeps you from feeling down
Down - the opposite of being peppy
Which you won't be, 'cos you hear the uds sound

Brainstorm ... uds
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