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Love Songtext
von Unity

Love is a word that is misunderstood
It's somethign we all need and we'd buy if we could
But the things that matter most in this world of ours
Can't be found on earth but beyond the stars
If you're unable to care for someone that cares for you
Then your life ain't worth living
No matter what you do
Because a world without love is like a bird with no wings
The less it flies is the less it sings
Life is too short to always be cool
So why not tear the mask off the unfeeling fool?
I love my parents
Now how is that bad?
They only want for me the things that they never had
The way I see it is
You should let them know
Sometimes being different can allow you to grow
A world without love is like a man with no heart
There's no room for growth because you wind up where you start
In the beginning, where you start
There's no room for feeling
Don't be afraid To Care
Don't be afraid To Dare
Don't be afraid To Care
Don't be afraid To Dare
Don't be afraid!
Don't be afraid to care and show someone you love
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Unity - Love
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