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Unit 5 - Put Your Arms Around Me Songtext

I Heard It From a Friend
Who Heard It From Another
She Said She Liked the Way
I Smiled At You in Monterey

I Have More Hights Than Lows
And We Could Add Them Up
But We'd Be Running Out of Fingers and Toes
Oh Well, On Good Days
That's Usually the Way It Goes

But Tonight I'm So Lonely
Just Put You Arms Around Me
And Tell Me That You Love Me So Much
I'm Tired of Seeking Slowly
Lately I've Been Crazy
Maybe I'm Just Getting Out of Touch
Now I'm Holding On
'till the Night Is Gone

I'm An Average Guy
But People Like to Have Their Heroes
I'm Seldom Nervous
Dry Or Shy
And Usually It Always Shows

Until This Feeling Goes Away
Until I Get the Needed Dose
Until You Put Your Arms Around
And Hold Me Close
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