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Why Are We Destroying Ourselfs? Lyrics


Union 13 - Why Are We Destroying Ourselfs? Songtext

"Why Are We Destroying Ourselves?"

"Why are we, destroying ourselves?" what the hell
Are you fighting for killing each other day by day
Now that we know how the system works we know
Nothing is going to change they think america looks
Brave with rifles in their hands they always try to
Solve the problems of other lands many mistakes
Have been made throughout history and time don't
Look the other way or pretend you're blind why is
There poverty and why is there hate everything is
Changing at an alarming rate "Why are we destroying
Ourselves?" the blue sky turns red as my eyes begin
To bleed my skin is now burned off I can no longer
Breath this preminition I have everyday I wish it did
Not have to end this way no more fresh air for us to
Breath the water is polluted we can't have what we
Need humanityhas been such a waste of time the
Past is the present and it will be erased
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