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Unearth - Shattered by the Sun Songtext

Crossed a plain that left behind darkdays.
Filled a void that I thought could not be replaced.
Now gone it seems so out of reach.
I have lived. I have felt.
It's what we need.
What have I done?
Found what I have been looking for.
One time I believe my eyes, this time.
This time my instincts controlled me.
No need to search on for any more.
I feel as one with myself.
I look no more.
Now a lifetime decision.
What will the future hold?
One time I believed my eyes.
This time theyl ied.
I felt you slip away.
A feeling under my skin.
I tried again and again.
I did not save you this time.
Holding on to something that I once belived in.
Will time show me if it was really meant to be?
Show me what this really means to you.
Fall even though I showed you everything I stood for.
I hate everything without you.
Life falls and crumbles in my hand.
Faith is dead.
It's something I can't stand.
Dreams, hope, gone.
Just had a one time thing.
Far away are the days we once shared.
I never thought I could change.
I would be walking a dead day.
You believed in me and I knew I could change.
You came in my life and became my best friend.
Now I have been forced away.
Unwillingly out on my own.
I never wanted to lose this much.
You broke a trust that was once our own.
I feel shattered by the sun.
Now I am shattered by the sun.
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