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Don't have to see to know,
Don't have to feel the ledge to leap,

Don't have to light the way,
To stumble on and trip up solo.
Don't have to fall so low,
To know it's all out of your reach,

Don't have to fly that high to write a simple valentine.
Once I see you I just tremble on and walk the other way,

Now it's February 15th, I'm so weak.

When I see you my heart moves my mouth,
But I kinda fuse my words out loud,

And I try to let my fears go,
But somehow it just all goes wrong,

All of the time I wait,
So I'll leave you another valentine.

All of the lines I write and save,

Up for the day when I'll walk up to you,

And win you over,

Another wild charade,

Another lie I'll hide so deep,

Under a pillow of excuses that won't let me sleep.
You're the one, I know,
NO other crush could taste so sweet,

'Til the next holiday,

Girl, I'll keep on you: my valentine
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