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Problem melden

Sick When We Kiss Songtext

Tear me to pieces
Do it for show
Eloquent speeches
Flick of the wrist

Pressure increases
Sure lets me know
Taste of you teaches
Sick when we kiss

Coming down
Like a space shuttle
Head hurts
Teeth rattle
Walking around

Playing spurned lover
Limbs roll
Eyes shudder
Bursting banks
Like the damned rivers
Spine bombs

Blood shivers
Sickly sweet
Just a gak yearning
Touch cold
Hair burning
Give up the tactics

Flag never raised
Fuck the heroics
Enemy lines
She drops in hat tricks
Then leaves for days
Even the stoics
Chop down the pines

Fast on my crutches
Slow for the bored
Pure to the last drop
Poison the first

Out if your clutches
Try to get cured
Messages won't stop
Summon the curse

Make up a reason
Validate calls
Don't call it lying
Covering tracks

Shake down and treason
Crumble the walls
Gunned down while flying
Bombing love shacks
Tony Marshall in Klinik eingeliefert!
Vor 2 Tagen
Tony Marshall in Klinik eingeliefert!
Der Wendler: Er kommt zurück!
Vor 21 Stunden
Der Wendler: Er kommt zurück!

Album From the Double Gone Chapel (2004)

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Two Lone Swordsmen - Sick When We Kiss
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