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Unstoppable Lyrics

Now I don't think that anybody really wanna get inside of my twisted mind
So sick you're never gonna find something
Like it, like me, like this, like mine
Like out of the ordinary
I want more to bury
Full of more gore
Than a chopped up whore
Make a torture porn
In a middle of a mortuary
Nothin' left but her bones to carry
Put a bunch of holes in your capillary
Is anybody claiming they're an adversary
I don't give a fuck if the cops pull up with shotguns out and the sirens blarin'
Don't wanna get it scary
I'm vary until the dead rocking in the cemetery
Since I was barely a little kid
Been waiting for the brighter day
So they can take it all away
Well we got sick in a way that made a family
With a name ingrained with insanity
Bigger tragedy
To a fucked up galaxy
Consumed by so many little bitty fallacies
Gotta find another way to get up out of the hell that they're handing me
Unstoppable like an HIV
In your arteries I'll make it hard to breathe
Like a hand around your neck and I start to squeeze
And all I wanna do is bring em' all to knees
They wanna make it hard for me
In a land of apologies
And it hardly means anything more than a shut front door with a sign says
"Please don't bother me"

I can reach for the stars but I'll end up down here
No matter what it takes
Ima still keep on fighting I'm unstoppable 'til my last breath and my heart stops beating
Ima never give up on me again
No matter how rough
And no matter how much shit this life can shovel in my path Ima still be O-OK

Cause they label me abomination
The whole world is destined to hate me
So I can only bottle up for so damn long
Before the glass starts to crack and I over flow
Cause I'm over the line and I'm outta my mind
And the life that they're livin', well it shoulda been mine
But I deal to survive like a shadow of the night
Axe style is my style surrounded by my kind
(And I will not die)
No matter what they want me to
Grown tougher from the change that they put me through
And it's true unstoppable there ain't a motherfucking thing anyone can do
Not saying that I think I'm better
But this shit right here gonna live forever
This legacy me and him built together
Every word that we spit can't they fuck with with it? Never
(Never never never)
Depending on the weather
Even if it's sunny skies
It is gloomy inside
When the world outside
Just don't seem right
But I'm sitting by myself and watching it pass by
And I'm thinking about the lies that they told me so
Cause they never had intentions of lettin' me grow
But they play me like pesticide
With a smile on my face waiting for me to die off slow
(But I will not go)
Not to be cold
But I'm 20 degrees below my attitude is zero
Only like a Eskimo I'm no hero
With a voice from the soul carry on like an echo
Unbound out of control
And everybody knows
That were ready to explode
As we lock and load
And incinerate your brain with the automatic flows

Cause your feeling like the dark in the night
With a song that's yours cause the beats so nice
And the lyrics so right
And it grips so tight
That your blown away like it was dynamite
Is that the reason that you're feeling you're attracted
Are you compelled by the need to build a casket
I know they probably wanna label you dramatic
And your efforts'll bury you in the sadness
So many to just succumb to the madness
Others reach for lights in the midst of the blackness
Is it the need to elevate that attracts us?
We're too centered by the superficial status
Like a break in the chain or a crack in the window pane stained with hate
Til it's broken away from frame to insane deranged
And everybody else seems to remain the same

Your looking for acceptance to places your never gonna get it accept it
Our painted face is rejected
An abomination infected
With so much hatred collected
How can you say you didn't expected to go this way
Like bad directions
They're looking at me like a weapon
We got the world at attention
Were like this great invention
There all to afraid to mention
Shun me like bad intentions
But we'll see who really had agendas
A misconception I don't wanna be in your fucked up life or interventions
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