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Where Do We Go from Here Songtext
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I have to ask you a question
And I need you to be honest
We're both grown
Really be honest
And we'll take it from there


Where do we go from here
I want to know
My heart is melting like the winter snow yeah
What's happening here
I use to know
It was a sure thing
Now it's not for sure yeah
Let down my guards and I opened up to you
And I dealt with the cards that I was given too
But now unsure if all your words were genuine
And I have to ask this question can't pretend

Where do we go from here (Here)
I need to know (To Know)
And stop this aching and walking out the door (Out the door yeah)
What's happening here (Here)
It's better to know (To know)
Or is this something we need to leave alone yeah
The direction that our hearts are headed in
Can be two different places
It's a tragic end help me
To look forward to our ever happily
Or do we give up

Yeah yeah
Let me know where we are
Direction we're headed in
I need to know
(Yeah, we)
Question question
Yeah yeah

Where do we go
Where do we go from here (From here)
(where) Where do we go from here (where do we go)
Where do we go from here (from here)
Where do we go from here (here)
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