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Neo-Satanic Supremacy Songtext
von Troll

Born in darkness
The nocturnal breed
In league with the one that fell

God is dead
Submit to the beast
Embrace the flames of hell

Neo-Satanic supremacy
All hail his infernal majesty
Neo-Satanic supremacy
All hail the path to victory

No sheep has the will of the wolf
And no slave has the power of the master
Time for something new and improved
Religion proved to be a disaster

White lies upon lies upon lies
A dead god all covered in flies
You lost before the war begun
Our work here is done
Fragen über Troll
Wo gibt es Trolle?
Wie groß ist ein Troll?
Sind Trolle böse?
Was ist ein Internet Troll?
Troll - Neo-Satanic Supremacy
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