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Brother Flower Songtext

Brother Flower, are you listenin'?
Let me sing a song for you
Brother Flower, petals glistenin',
In the bashful mornings dew
Brother Flower, when the sun shines
And the dew has flown away
If you don't mind weak and wrong rhymes
Brother Flower, may I stay?

Brother Flower, you ain't lonely
For you've always been alone
But I haven't been so lucky
I had love and now it's gone
I have arms to hold another
Never to hold her again
I have life to give lover
You have life to give the wind

Brother Flower, when the snow flies
And you lay your beauty down
Brother Flower, are you sleepin'
There upon the cold, cold ground
Brother Flower, please awaken
Show the sky your face of blue
Let me know I ain't forsaken
Seems like all I have is you
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Townes van Zandt - Brother Flower
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