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Here 'n' Now Songtext

Burning with blind ambition
I wanted to set the world alight
Nothing else mattered much to me
Driven by dedication
I flet so confedent inside
A passion had got a hold on me
Took me a while to realize
That every goal must have its price
I needed more to make my life complete
The journey has been so long
But now I'm coming back home
Back home to where my heart belongs
I know that....
Love is right here 'n' now
Just leave your searchin far behind
And look inside your heart and you will find
That love is right here 'n' now
Things don't have to stay the same
Love has always been right here 'n' now
We always fear tomorrow
Regretting mistakes of yesterday
Forgetting joys of here 'n' now
We've gotta seize the moment
And then we will find our destiny
And all the answers will be found
We're gonna have to slow things down
And get in touch with feeling
Before you know it, life's passed you by
Hold onto "right here 'n' now"
Hold onto what you feel
And you will know that love is real
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Repeat Chorus
And don't be afraid
There's a strength inside to guide you
Just swallow all your pride
Your life is gonna change forever
And there'll be no more looking back
When love is growing stronger
You know you have arrived - you will find that...
Repeat Chorus
Coldplay: Kollaboration mit Little Simz
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Coldplay: Kollaboration mit Little Simz

Album This Way (1998)

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Total Touch - Here 'n' Now
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